Over the past two years I have become increasingly interested in public art. It is a new medium and setting than I am used to and the ability to explore has been very exciting.


Working with Spokane Arts I was able to have work printed and applied to a Signal Box that can be found on 3rd and Division, in Downtown Spokane. Vintage images used in this work were courtesy of the Northwest Room, Spokane Public Library.

Later in the summer I was able to help celebrate the Riverfront Park groundbreaking by painting a ping pong table (one of several decorated by local artists) that covered the grounds. Visitor could mingle, play, and join in health conversations. I am so grateful to be a part of this new Spokane.

Lastly, Later this year my tree grate will be installed in the Arts District Downtown. After creating a digital design my work was sent to an iron fabricator where they took over the work. I can not wait to see the final product. Photos will be up as soon as the grates are installed!

© 2016 by Gwyn Griffith.